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White Birch (Betula papyrifera) White Birch, Betula Papyrifera, birch
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Most ornamental of all native birches. Chalk white bark peels in papery layers. Golden fall color. Fast growth. 80 feet

White Oak (Quercus alba)  White Oak, quercus alba, oak
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Large majestic form, valued for its water/rot proof lumber, oak wilt resistant as it will wall off the disease. Excellent acorn production, preferred by wildlife because it lacks the tannins found in acorns of the black oak family. Medium growth. 80 feet

Yellow Birch
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Deeply veined dark waxy green leaves, shiny golden bark, a mature trunk diameter of 3 feet, make for an impressive specimen. A valuable forest product, wood from yellow birch is used extensively in industry, if it’s made of Birch.. it’s likely “Yellow Birch”. First People of the Ojibwe used the yellow birch for blood purifier, a flavored drink, lodges, canoes, basketry and more. Of major ecological importance, Yellow Birch is food for both the Morning Cloak and Dreamy Duskywing butterfly...