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Fall Food Plot Blend Fall Food Plot Blend, Food Plot Blend, Food Plot Mix
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An easy to grow blend of Red Top Turnips, Rape and Chicory. We,ve found our custom blend to be an excellent food source for early season deer and turkey browse, with heavy yields of baseball size turnips that deer will browse throughout winter. See pictures on our web-site and facebook page. Great for holding deer in small concealed plots. Our 5lb. bag will seed about 22000 square feet (1/2 acre plot). Siting of plots near desirable plants or roadway where heavy deer damage is not welcomed, is...

Gift Certificate
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Gift certificate to Paint Creek Nursery

Habitat 250 Wildlife Pack Habitat Wildlife Pack, wildlife habitat
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Take the guesswork out of planting a wind break or privacy screen, Habitat 250 is an adaptable selection of native hardwood, conifer and shrub species that will provide shade, protection, nesting and food for many birds and mammals as well as privacy and wind break for people. Planted in a 10 x 10 configuration, habitat 250 will cover an area 250 feet long and 40 feet wide. This pack includes: (25) Red Maple (25) White Pine (25) White Spruce (25) Red Osier Dogwood And A pack of root gel and...

Paint Creek Nursery Ball Cap
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Low rise light weight cotton hat with Velcro adjustment. Awesome PCN logo embroidered on front. 

Paint Creek Nursery T-shirt
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100% comfy cotton long sleeve tees in black.

Paint Creek Root Gel Root Gel
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Mix with water and dip roots before heading into the field, prevents trees from drying out until you get them in the ground. Gel wicks moister from surrounding soil and makes it available to root zone in times of drought. (Free gel if you order 1000 or more seedlings) 1 OZ enough for approximately 500 seedlings

Tree Fertilizer
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A balanced blend of 15% nitrogen, 15% phosphorus, 15% potassium plus pelletized lime and micro nutrients essential for optimal plant growth. 

Tree Protectors tree protector, trunk protector
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24� UV resistant spiral trunk protectors are easy to put on, provide years of protection from mice, rabbits, weed whackers and sun scald. We recommend protectors for all of our hardwoods especially fruit trees, these are not tree tubes.