When placing your order, you can request a ship date and all effort will be made to meet that date. However, NO date can be guaranteed due to wildly fluctuating spring conditions.

If you would like to be notified when your trees ship please state that on your order.

Your order will be labeled, lightly watered and packed in plastic bags in boxes with shavings to keep them moist.

Whether you’re picking up or we are shipping to you, your order will be kept in cold storage for as long as possible.

We generally do not ship your trees on a Thursday or Friday, this minimizes the risk of your shipment getting caught sitting in a hot truck over a weekend.

We generally use Spee Dee Delivery in areas that they serve and UPS in areas that they do not. You can request a different carrier if you have a preference. We will also arrange LTL shipments for large shipments in Refrigerated trucks if necessary.