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Renetka Crab (Malus renetka)  Renetka Crab, malus renetka
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The best species crab we know of for vigor, productivity, disease resistance, hardiness and floral display. Dark waxy green leaves, an explosion of white flowers and a bumper crop of persistent dime size red fruit that feed a multitude of birds thru-out our long winters. Grows fast and straight and is a must have for birders and deer plots. Fast growth. 40 feet

SnowSweet® Apple
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Certified virus free (Semi Dwarf) rootstock Fruit is slightly tart, sweet and savory. Apple is slow to turn brown once it has been exposed to the air. Great for eating or baking, heavy rind wards off insects. (Our favorite)(Photo credit Co. Becker US)

Zestar!® Apple
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Certified virus free (Semi Dwarf) m-7 rootstock Exceptional flavor and crisp texture, much like its parent, Honeycrisp. Early ripening variety produces medium size fruit. Perfect for snacks and kids lunches. The fruit has a good balance of sweet flavors and crisp juicy bite.(Photo credit Stark Bro's Nursery)